Monday, March 26, 2012

Alien Diplomacy Book Review

Kitty and Jeff are now the ambassadors for the American Centurion Embassy. Kitty is taking the Washington wife class and hating every minute of it. She would like to kicking some alien butt. Jaime is still getting better and a smart cookie. Jeff is getting used to the idea that he isn't in command of the Alpha Team. They all have new job responsibilities.

Christopher and Amy are also in the house too. They are also the Co- Leaders too. There are many more things that happen in this book. Someone is after Kitty and another character that is back again. Kitty is trying to make friends with the other wives in the class , but feels its like High school again. She is also going to Mommy and Me class with Jaime , and feels alone.

It was good to see the gang all back , and there are some surprises through this book. There were some laugh out lines again. I was glad to see that Kitty and Jeff are growing up and still themselves , while surrounded by family and friends. We are introduced to some more friends of Kitty, and some old characters come back . Kitty and the Gang get to deal with Bad guys , and there is party involved.  There is music too which Kitty loves to listen to while kicking butt.

Best Line: "Superpowers rock". My teeth chattered an exclamation to each syllable. " And I'm sure that the cold'll pass. " And I'm sure I'm getting you into a bath.

Best Scene: Any scene with Kitty and Mr. White

Book Review= B

Thanks to Daw for the book and this is my Honest Review

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  1. I always see you tweeting about this series. I know you have major love for it. I really need to try it sometime. Nice review, Julie!


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