Sunday, November 4, 2012

Easy & Ask the Passengers Book Reviews

Astrid Jones wants to talk to someone or anyone. She likes to lie on the picnic table and send her love to the passengers on the plane. She also makes up stories of what might be happening in their lives. Astrid also has a secret, she is kissing her friend Dee.

This book was good , but I don't see all the hype over this book. I found it thought provoking that Socrates was used as a tool to think over such big topics as Equality, Being perfect , and small town living. This was a fast read . I found that the parents were self absorbed , and the mother didn't really make an effort in the way of Astrid. Her father didn't work and smokes pot. It seems to me that the mother does have a fave daughter , and its not Astrid.

Book Review = C

Jacqueline Wallace is a at college party , and she is no longer in a relationship with Kennedy. She is walking to her car, when she is almost raped by a college friend. She gets rescued by this mysterious man in the parking lot. She misses two weeks in school , and she needs a tutor.
She is attracted to this mysterious man , but he understands what she has been through , so he takes things slow. She is also flirting with the tutor through the email. She has to make a choice about what to do with the rapist on campus.
This book was good and loved the romance between Lucas and Jacqueline. This is considered a NEW adult book since it takes place in college.

Book Review = B

Thanks to Little & Brown and Penguin for the books and this my Honest Review

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  1. I love these mini reviews. The second one sounds more interesting to me. And what should she do about the rapist??? Beat the sh*% out of him.


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