Thursday, December 4, 2014

Inside out Blog Tour

Inside out
for review
#3 in series

Bran is off with the Eco warriors and doing all that he can be there for Talia.  Talia is in Africa and working in the peace corps . She gets a bug while in there, and dreams that she sees Bran.  Bran is really there . He left the warriors.

Talia and Bran are coming back to America , and things are up in the air with their relationship. Talia is moody and not feeling so good. Things are changing in Talia's family with her dad.  Bran also has a meeting with Z . Bran's family would like him to work for the family business. Talia gets her degree , and tries to find a job .

Talia and Bran are working at their relationship. It's tough for both of them with this issues. Very sexy times between them and many times.They work on their issues together.

Book Review = B

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