Saturday, January 2, 2010

Beautiful Creatures-- Book Review

I've heard online about this book and it was all good. The last time I heard so much hype about a book was Twilight saga.

I didn't get an ARC( Advanced Reading Copy) but I bought my book. This is one book to add to the collection.

This Story takes places in the Gatlin County in the South. Its told by Ethan and what happens when he meets Lena.

Everyone has a secret it seems.

Lena is a Castor. Ethan has been dreaming about Lena for sometime before she arrived to town.

I loved Ridley , and Amma , and the librarian -family friend.

This book is detailed in family history and I had more questions after reading it. It did start out slow but I think that its normal in these books that are going to be a series.

Lena is counting down til she is 16 because thats when she is chosen as witch for either white witch or black witch. Lena is a natural and very powerful. It was nice to see family , no matter how weird, they are there for each other. Loved Lena's house.

Loved the romance between Ethan and Lena , and a locket that they found together gets them started on the journey to find out more about both their families.
I can't put into words how moved and felt the characters struggles ..but this book was awesome. I've telling my friends about this book since I've read it.

Book Review=5
Questions: All the lies and deceit that was occurring to the teenagers seemed a bit much. Do we lies to protect them or brutal honesty ? It seems to be a recurring them in Hollywood lit , but it recurring in real life ??
I think a part of being a parent is to have some secrets from our kids. I know I'm going to tell my kids the brutal honesty all the time. I do think its a Hollywood theme.
Do you think Lena and Ethan were to too chaste with only random kissing? With rampant teenage pregnancies and condoms being distributed in schools, do you feel these YA novels that stick to just kissing and no curing aren't reality , or do you agree with their good show of morals ??
I think it shows another reality, and my growing up could have been like Lena and Ethan's life. I didn't swear or date much in high school. So I could relate to Lena in a way. Reading books is a good way to travel to a different world and authors choose their worlds. I as a consumer have a right to read or buy their product or not. I like authors that are responsible and also have kids because many authors want their kids to read their books or see their movies like Stephenie Meyer as example. Granted when I was growing up there weren't too many kids having kids when I was in High school.
Obviously the authors lean toward a very strong liberal that sense how feel about censorship and do you feel it fair to label all conservatives this way ??
It didn't bother me on their viewpoints..its fiction. But I don't like being label for certain things whether you are white,black, city , folk or gay or straight. A person is person. No life isn't fair but you what life gives you whether they are lemons or tomatoes..Its your life and your choices.
Southern , small town close mindedness is a big feature of Beautiful Creatures, did you find the towns reaction to Lena something that could happen or a gross southern small town stereo-type ??
I can relate to living in small town. I moved to this town in Ca in my Senior Year and it was change from living in the city. I could count the gas stations and stop lights and I had to go different town if I needed to help my mom with the grocery shopping. In small towns-- Many more people go to town meetings. I knew what was happening in my local paper. I think that this stereo type does ring true in many ways whether you are in the south or Northern CA. But stereotypes are all around on TV, books, schools, and Movies. Think of your favorite show..I'm sure that there are many stereotypes in there. Movies a classic example of stereotypes is and what comes to mind is THE BREAKFAST CLUB or SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL. There is a Jock, Beauty, Nerd, or outcast.
BWB Review=4

This is going to 5 book series and a movie too.


  1. Great review. Sounds like a good series.

  2. I have this on my list to get and read. But with all the hype I am afraid to get it. It sounds as though it lives up to the hype though. Thanks for the review!


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