Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paperback Dolls --Guest Posting

Thanks so much for letting me welcome PaperbackDolls and hope that you check them out too. Great friends

How books have bred best friends and lasting bonds....

When I think back on the last ten months since the idea for Paperback Dolls came into being, I keep thinking how lucky I was that on that particular day, a few very special women were discussing book reviews with me on facebook. Though, when you think about it, I really have to go farther back than that - the day I first visited Charlaine Harris’s website.

I’m a researcher at heart, so when I read a series I like, i then proceed to get all the information I can about previous books, future books etc... Well, I had just finished reading the most recent book in the Sookie Stackhouse series (From Dead to Worse), and had discovered that HBO was doing a TV series based on the books. Hoping to get more information, I visited Ms. Harris’s website. There I found an online community the likes of which I had never met before. Character and plot discussions and even answers from Ms. Harris herself! At first, I just lurked and enjoyed the conversations, but slowly, as I realized just how much I have in common with my fellow readers, I decided to take the plunge - and join in. I was welcomed with open arms by a group of the most funny, intelligent and mad-as-hatter women I have ever had the privilege to not meet. I felt right at home.

Before I knew it, we were conversing on other forums, emailing, facebooking, twittering... Discovering books by wonderful authors like Ilona Andrews, Jeaniene Frost, Karen Marie Moning and Patricia Briggs. Sharing our love for other genres like the Hunger Games trilogy (Suzanne Collins), Harry Potter, or the works of Jane Austen, while arguing over plot points, continuity and reveling at each discovery of a new book or author we loved.

Our group continued to grow and soon included over 100 women. Our conversations were no longer restricted to books. We shared the joys and sorrows of every day life, marking birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, new pets, helth and heartache - in short, we became friends. I have now had the pleasure of meeting some of these women, but for the most part, I’ve only really met them virtually, through the wonderful world wide web. It was our love of books (and yes, a certain viking character) that brought us together. Now I wonder where in the world would I be without them?

So, on that fateful day ten months ago, I had been discussing reviews (with Day and Kitt) and how confusing they can be; Do I really know if the person reviewing the book likes the same books that I do? What if we have different tastes? Must a bad review be so...cruel? Where can we hear about new authors, and really, what about all the readers around the world, who like us, have that one thing in common in spite of different ages, personalities and backgrounds - their love of books.

We decided to do something about it. Why not create a review site where different opinions each bring something unique to the table. Where we encourage our friends to share their thoughts with more people who have a shared passion - reading. Paperback Dolls was born (Kitt has a flare with names). We soon had honorary dolls, a Tween reviewer ( and doll in training), Passport, Paperback Prousts and well, the ideas just kept coming. It wasn’t all fun and games, lots of hard work, some difficult decisions, but in the end, something we can be truly proud of. We were also introduced to the fabulous world of blogging - so many amazing men and women (like Julie) who, I hope, we can now call our friends, that have helped us out and shared their insight.

These past ten months have been incredible, and now - to infinity and beyond! (Oh, and it would be nice to meet some of them in person one know, for coffee maybe? We could discuss that book we’ve been talking about....
Paperback Dolls

Thanks so much for letting me welcome PaperbackDolls and hope that you check them out too. Great friends


  1. Great post Noa and Julie! It is true, I have met some of my best friends through books, and continue to meet more incredible people all the time!

  2. I keep harking back to this quote but I find it very true.

    "There are no faster or firmer friendships than those between people who love the same books." - Irving Stone

  3. Thank you so much for having the dolls over!

    I can only add how happy I am to add even more friends to my virtual list ;)


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