Friday, March 18, 2011

American Express #Pass

I was excited to try this through She Speaks and American Express. This is my Honest Review of my experience.

I made an account through American Express , and followed all the steps to get a prepaid credit card. It was pretty simple and easy to do. I found the site easy and very helpful when I did have a problem. I had one problem with it.

Overall my experience to get this card went fine. I have some tweens and we have savings accounts for them. We discuss money and using it at the right time. I had a tough time is trying to decide what to spend my money. I thought about books, but if you see my side of closet or bedroom , I would agree that I have too many books. So I ended buying food for the family. I know that its not big or something I spent on myself . I figured feeding the family had a higher priority. I was able to get them basic food.

The only problem I had with the card was that it was mentioned that I activate it online, but I had to call to confirm the card.

I have spent all but $15 dollars , but I do love how I was able to make the card all my own.

If one of your friends/followers gets a PASS Card, all they have to do is load it with $25 and American Express will give them $25 on top of that if they use the promotion code, SS25, when they order!  The SS25 code/offer expires April 15, 2011

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