Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Happening & In My Mailbox #15

This weekend --Father and Son camped in the backyard for Weblos badge, and also have been working on talking with local artist for the badge too . I also got an invite from our local art museums to go to a event , so might be posting pictures.

I got this book in my mailbox this last week. Thanks to Atria for the book.

I have been reading my books that I have borrowed from Karen. That's all that's happening in my world. Whats is going on with you ??


  1. Good luck with the badges and have fun at the art event. What is it for? That Triangles cover is provocative.

    We're just swamped with work and some family stuff.

    Keep having a great summer! Great pic of Father and Son!

  2. We have been attending a ton of baseball games. Our 10 year old made the All Star team. We won the District 54 title this weekend(for our area). I am reading the Forgotten Garden right now. Have you read it?

  3. Wow - that's some cleavage on that Tangled cover! Lol
    I'm on the elliptical at the moment - see I can multitask

  4. Interesting. I hadn't heard of this one.


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