Monday, October 24, 2011

Interview with Jesse Peterson

1. Do you have a favorite a Halloween memory?
I grew up in Idaho and in the country on top of that, so my memories of Halloween always involved long underwear under my costumes and being driven to people's houses since we couldn't walk. It was always a time for us to see friends of our family, so that was cool.

2. Do you prefer tricks or treats?
I like treats. I'm not big on being tricked.

3. What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Little Hershey Bars, Little Payday bars, little M&Ms. And I like candy corn.

4.. Do you have any fears or phobias?
I just moved to the Southwest and now I'm a little nervous about scorpions, horrible spiders and bobcats. I don't take my garbage out at night, I'll tell you that.

5. What is your favorite scary movie or book?
I really love 28 Days Later as far as scary movie. The whole opening scenes when Jim doesn't know what's going on are amazing. As far as book, I think THE STAND by Stephen King is a great scary book. I guess I kind of like the apocalypse.

Those are some of my fave movies too 

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Karen will be having part 2 of the interview  tomorrow.

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  1. Mmmm...Payday. I haven't thought about that candy in a longtime. M&Ms are probably my favs though. Especially the dark chocolate ones.
    Great interview!

  2. i love that movie! i'm more of a butterfinger and twix kind of girl.

  3. I just love Butterfinger. So yummy... Though I do love the new Snickers with peanut butter too ;)

  4. i hate spiders too
    great interview

    ( i have entered the contest)

  5. This is so cute XD
    candy corn FTW :))

  6. I love The Stand By Stephen King!!
    Also, participated in your contest!


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