Thursday, April 26, 2012

Unraveling mini Book Review

Janelle has grown up watching X Files with her dad, and brother. Her mother has bi-polar , and her father is with the FBI. She is dating Nick , and her life seems to be okay. While crossing the street , she is run over by a truck and finally sees Ben Micheal's in a new light.

Good:  For fans of Fringe, and sliders. Loved the location that it was San Diego. Loved the mystery aspect of it , and that she is smart girl. I did see many books mentioned from Gatsby and Outliners . I could totally Geek out with this book with all the references to Star Wars, X Files.

Bad: Language was a factor in this book. The F word was used alot , and for me that became an issue. Usual tropes of loner boy, insta love, and absent parents.

My friends have been raving about this book, and there was some good scenes in this book, but it wasn't amazing.

Book Review=B
This book comes out April 24

Thanks to Mindy for sharing her book with me and this Balzer Bray Book from Harperteen


  1. I have this one so I'll be checking it out soon. I don't mind the f-bombs lol

    Also, great interview with Elizabeth the other day!

  2. I agree that the F word was a bit overused. Overall it was a great book, though, and such a strong debut! Will be interesting to see what happens next.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden


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