Friday, May 11, 2012

Lies Beneath Book Review

This book comes out June 12

Calder White is a merman . He and his sisters are wanting to fulfill a promise mad to their dying mom. His sisters Pavarti, Maris, and Tallulah  all working an angle to full fill it

Calder shows up and helps the Hancock's house and helps them move into their house. He also starts studying the family. He decides to get to know the daughter Lily.

Calder is evil , and he is very conflicted with lily. He can talk with his sisters , and he knows their thoughts against the Hancock family. Calder at times wants what Lily has , but he knows that he is monster.
Calder and Lily do have a attraction to one another and I did see some insta love. Calder is cocky, handsome, and he knows what he is. He also finally meets someone who really wants to see him.

Lily and Calder do get to know one another , and there are secrets revealed. They do have to deal with some who is against their love.

Best Line :  Listen Calder . As a rule , falling in love with your prey is a mistake. 

Calder , you say more with your eyes than most people do with their mouths

I loved that this was in boy point of view, and loved that they were evil mermaids, and that they did enjoy what they did to humans. I loved this mythical creatures, and this was one of the better mer stories, and I am very picky with my paranormal. 
I loved that Lily had a family , and that Promises were upheld. I loved that the characters were honest , and loved that siblings argued. 

Book Review= B

Thanks to Random House for the book and this is my Honest Review 

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  1. There are a lot of mermaid books popping up lately. I'm reading Of Poseidon right now.


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