Monday, July 9, 2012

Sorority Sisters & Holding onto Zoe mini Reviews

4 different friends all meet through a sorority house. The book is divided up into the four girls point of views. We learn about how they grew up , and their friendships with each other. A boy does come between the friends. This book spans from 1975- 2001.

I enjoyed this light read but I had to go back a a couple times and figure out who was speaking. I loved that the friends were there for each other.

Book Review = C
This book is already out

Jules  has sex with her boyfriend, and is pregnant. Her mom is a single working mom, and doesn't want to put up with the drama. She is talking to a therapist about the baby. She has few close friends, and we see some of those memories. She wants to keep the baby. She wants to name the baby Zoe.

I didn't know what to expect from this small and fast read. I found that I had more questions unanswered and as a main character telling the story I didn't trust her or her version of things happening. But there are some big reveals toward the end of the story. This book did tackle some big topic like sex, pregnancy. I wanted more of a follow through with the mom and daughter talking about these topics.

Book Review= D

This book comes out  July 17

Thanks to Penguin and MacMillan for the books and this is my Honest Review

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