Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pivot Point Book Review

Addison can search into her future. Her parents are getting a divorced and so we have an opportunity to see her with two different outcomes IE. Sliding Doors.  She has a Chance at a normal life  or living with others with abilities.
While searching both futures , she does find love, and even makes friends.

This was a clean book , and loved all the choices that can come into play. With one choice, there is good stuff , but if you make a bad choice. I loved how both parents were present but not distant as with other books. This was a good book , but the middle to me was dragging. I enjoyed the scenes with Trevor and the note trading.

Book Review= B-/C

Thanks to Harperteen for the book and this is my Honest Review


  1. It's a shame about the middle dragging, but it's good that you enjoyed it for the most part! :-)

  2. This sounds interesting except for the pacing issues.


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