Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Fire Sermon

The Fire Sermon
1st in a series
Gallery Books
March 10

Cass and Zach are twins. Cass is a seer and the omega. Zach is the alpha. Cass and Zach separate when they are 10 years old. She goes off to live with her aunt in a Omega community. She lives there for a couple years. Cass gets taken and held hostage for 4 years. She is also having her mind probed . Cass gets a vision of things , and decides it time to break free. She finds the tanks and rescues a boy.

They are on the run and slowly get to know one another. She is looking for an island. Kip the boy becomes a friend and supporter. In this world if you kill one person , the other person also dies too due to their connection.

This book had some action and there was a lot of family interaction. I loved this world. OMG that ending and I was very sad after reading this book.

Book Review= B+

Thanks so much to Gallery and this is my Honest review

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