Tuesday, April 28, 2015

mini reviews spelled- paperweight- the remendy- the secrets of attraction -endangered - placebo junkies --Revenge Playbook

Audie is taking drugs and being tested on like a guinea pig. She has some friends that help her out. She also writes a blog about taking the drugs. She tries so many of them , and she has a boyfriend recovering from cancer. Charlotte is her best friend and ends up going away.
Things aren't what they seem . She is a very unreliable narrator. She is going through so many things and there is so many thoughts brought up regarding the pharmaceutical   industry , and those being tested. Just WOW

Book review= B
Random House
Oct 27
wow interesting book about taking revenge on those kids and photography and blogging. I loved that parents were active in the book and romance was slight.

Book Review = C
Harper Teen 
April 21 
.wow this book is very good with the twists and that ending. Quin is a closer for those that have lost someone. This assignment is different , and things aren't what they seem. Deacon is her ex partner but they are good friends. Aaron is her partner when they are out on assignments. Marie is the main handler to both of them. Quinlan takes all those memories and sometimes loses herself in the job.

Book Review= B
Simon Teen 
April 21 
Madison and Jesse both see each other at the java shop. Madison is wren friend, and Grayson tries out Jesse's band. Jazzy is also their friend too, and she has a thing for Logan. Madison also finds out a secret. Jesse also finds out more about his parents. They are both are trying to figure things out with each other . Jazzy stole this book and I hope that she gets her own book. I also enjoy the friendship of the girls .

Book Review= B
Balzer and Bray
April 28

 wow what interesting book that deals with food issues and how one goes through the process with her daily thoughts. I can see this book for being a trigger if you do have food issues. She is also dealing with the loss of her brother. I didn't care for Eden at all

Book Review= B
Harper teen
July 7

Dorothea gets engaged without her consent . She makes a wish and it changes things. She is trying to find her parents. She slowly get to know Kato is her intended , and the other issues with his family.

This was a good mash up of fairy tales and the wizard of oz. Dot grows up during this story and does find love. She even makes friends with someone. I can't wait to see how this ends up.

Book Review= B
June 2
4 girls who have issues with the local football team. They come together before and also that night doing the many pranks. I loved that there was love and romance for the different girls. They all tackled different things from ADD, being a virgin, etc.

Book Review= B
June 16


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