Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Girl at Midnight & Remake & The Fearless book Reviews

Echo has been adopted by the Avicens . She loves the library, and she isn't well liked by all of them. She is sorta dating Rowan. Caius is the Dragon prince . His guard is Dorian . Caius and Echo's path end up meeting while searching for the fire bird.

Echo is sent on this journey by Ala . She is also friends with Jasper and ends up needing his help.

There is romance, puzzles and friendship. I enjoyed this story and I can see how its like Smoke and Bone,

Book Review= B
Random House
April 28

Nine lives in Freedom one . She is good friends with Theron. She wants to become a maker. She also wants to become a male. But during an accident, she ends up on a beach.
She learns about freedoms, love, family, and marriage. She doesn't take any of the hormone's  and becomes a female. Kai and his family rescued her and welcome her into their family. She slowly learns things about this world and it isn't very good. She grows during her time away, and she learns some secrets that affect her.

This book was thought provoking about love, gender, and freedom. I didn't know what to expect from this book and was surprised that this was from Desert book. I am curious if there is going to be another book or this is a stand alone. ?

Book Review= C
Shadow Mountain
Oct 14 --already out

Cass has lived on Camp Home which is an island for the past 7 years with Solomon. She and her brother Jordi are the only ones left of their family. A guy comes to the island , and he is taken prisoner.
Cass and the boy break out and go look for her brother who was taken. She also learns more about what happened after the incident with the Fearless. The boy --Myo has his sister and he isn't what he seems. Things are happening on the island with Sol & he is questioning things too. The Fearless reminded me of zombies.

I struggled to finish this book . Many things I thought would happen did. Cass did find love and the guy who did love her  had some issues. Now when I think of the word Fearless ..I will think of Zombies. I really wanted to stop reading this book , but a part of me wanted to see how this was going to play out.

Book Review= C
Random House
April 14


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