Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Yes we are moving to the hills. Its been a long time coming.  We are moving to a more rural area and making new adventures.  I have been reading but its been sporadic since covid-19. I have been working from home and helping my kids with their school work and helping kids for my job. I have no idea how the school year  is going to look like , but I know that distance learning isn't for everyone. Granted I did it for my BS Science

degree but its tough . My girls missed their friends.

I did read the newest Shannon Hale book and enjoyed it very much. I liked that she was able to go into books and felt a part of the story.

Since covid-19 I have been using the app: Marco Polo . Its great to see people and have conversations and view them when I'm available.  Just some photo's from the past year.


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We are an award free zone. Thanks so much for all the previous awards, but I can't continue passing them on at this time. Thanks