Monday, May 3, 2010

We Hear the Dead-- Book Review

It started out as a harmless prank. But soon enough, spiritualism was the fastest growing movement of the nineteenth century, and Maggie Fox was trapped in a life of deceit.
Meticulously researched by the author, We Hear the Dead reveals the secret of how the Fox sisters faked their rapping sounds and their motives for inventing the seance and founding spiritualism.

I began the deception when I was too young to know right from wrong. No one suspected us of any trick, because we were such young children. We were led on by my sister purposely and by my mother unintentionally. Only with the passing of time did I come to understand the consequences of my actions. As Doctor wrote to me: "Weary, weary is the life by cold deceit oppressed."

My sister has used the word "deception." I object to her use of that word, for I do not believe that I have ever intentionally deceived anyone. Maggie has a different understanding of all the events that have happened since that night in Hydesville forty years ago. To her the spirits were always a game. For my sister Leah, they were a means to an end. For my mother, a miracle. And for me, they were my life's calling. I have no regrets. (

I loved this cover and that's what drew me to want to read this book.

This book is based on a true story and it reminded me of those made for TV movie because there are some embellishments and some things that really did happen. There are 2 point of views of Maggie and Kate , who are sisters.

Maggie is the main sister telling the story of their journey. They lived with Leah and Calvin and her mom. They do seances and communicate with the dead and that's how they made their living back in the day.

I did wish there was some more information from Kate, because she really had the sight. Maggie has some romance with adventurer and learns to be more of a lady. I did enjoy the romance between Elisha and Maggie. I did enjoy the time period and what the ladies had to experience in their life.

This book comes out in May 2010

Book Review=3

Thanks so much for Source books for the books and this is my Honest review


  1. Ooh I lurve that cover. I want me an orange dress like that. I would look terrible in it, though. LOL. Not my color. I haven't heard of this book, seems right up my alley. Thanks for the review!

  2. Looks interesting!! and your right the cover rocks! :) Thanks for the awesome review! :)


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