Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Popular Girls--Writing prompt

Oh there was a time when I wanted to be popular in High School. But alas I was never popular at all. I was one of those geeky, didn't have many friends, reading books, doing homework, working girl. During my high school I did a play , and did cross county ..and then we moved to a small town and I did newspaper. Thats was my high school experience, and I was never popular.

From my vantage  to be popular , you had to be on dance team, or hang out with certain people.  Which I did neither.  See geeky girl who had to ask the guys to go on dates for the important dances like junior prom, Homecoming, and Winter Ball. Yes if I wanted to go to the dance I had to ask them for dates. Ugh --didn't like High school. I didn't do the Senior Ball because then I had ask someone to go out with me. I did do a date night but very cheap the dollar movies and dinner.

I think that there is always a part of us that wants to be in the crowd and have friends.

Fast forward to present day: Finding friends on face book from High School..I was able to find and be friends with those same people who were popular on Facebook. I even got invited to hang with the popular kids , which to me was surpring for the invite, but I wasn't going to drive 3 hours away to hang with them. Thanks so much for the invite.

I do have wonderful friends now online and real life..and there comes a point when you have to be happy with your choices and realize that maybe you weren't meant to be popular. I like to think that with the friends I have online like Angie, Rachel, Laura, Christine or Heather--that I'm hanging with the popular kids. I didn't realize that with being online that there are popular people too. But as with life..I'm enjoying the friends I do have and not worrying whether I'm popular or not. I'm going with the flow.

Makes me think of the song Popular for Wicked :


  1. Funny post Julie. Never saw the need for popularity myself. I actually really liked high school. But mine was a bit different. I went to an all girls Catholic school. I had to ask the boys to my dance also...but that was because it wasn't their dances to ask me to.

    I was the odd one. Not the freak, not the dork, just odd. LOL. I had a good group of friends, though, or I thought I did. Not really friends with any of them anymore... stinky fair-weather people.

    You know you can come hang with me any time...bring yourself to n'awlins we'll get a drink. ;) Might be more than a 3 hour drive though. More like 3 days, egads.

  2. I just can't get over the fact that you put me in with the "popular girls." Totally made my day. :)

  3. What? You are not popular? lol Guess that depends how you define popular. Webster defines popular as people who relate to the general public, are suitable to the majority, is easy to understand and are commonly liked or approved. I think you are all that and beyond! People like to follow popular people...I like following you!

  4. Nice post. I admire that you asked boys out. I could never do that. I only asked boys to the Sadie Hawkins Dance.

  5. That song is cute! Now I want to go to the musical! And you're right, it's who we surround ourselves with that counts. I wouldn't trade in my close friends and family for all the popularity in the world. :)

  6. I really hated high school too. All the pressure to be someone that you might not be was too much.

    I love being included in a group (like yours), and that's all the popularity I crave! :)

  7. Visiting from Mama Kats...

    I was pretty much like you were in high school, but I always realized I wasn't cut out to be popular. I think popularity is such an elusive thing and I think, in the long run, it is easier to have never had it than to have had it and lost it.

  8. I wasn't popular in high-school either. But I had my close friends and that was all that mattered. Like you I was in all the geeky extra curriculars, (spelling?) the school paper, band, choir and plays. But I had fun, so it was alright.

    Today I have online friends, but I don't consider myself in the "popular" crowd. I know what you mean there is a "popular" crowd in every group that you are in. You can't avoid it.

    I don't have very many real friends as an adult but I've learned to accept that.

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. I was a huge nerd in HS. Somehow wanting to be popular then does not make for much of a recipe for success now.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  10. Nice post. I married my HS sweetheart. He was popular, I wasn't, which is why I think his memories of high school are "rosier" than mine.

    And yes, I hate Facebook for the sole reason that it makes me feel like that teenager again; I put my foot down and refused to go to our 20 year HS reunion.

    I think my personality is too reserved to ever be in the popular crowd, but that's okay, I like having a small group of people I can be myself with :)

  11. I wasn't popular too in high schools but I did had bunch of great friends whom I love dearly. :D Great video, btw!

  12. Anonymous17 June, 2010

    stopping by from mama Kat's.

    I knew a lot of people in school but wasn't really popular either, I really wanted to be but wasnt'. It's amazing now those people who were "all that" aren't anymore!

    Life is funny.

  13. Anonymous17 June, 2010

    I wasn't popular in high school, but I had a couple of good friends. I used to think it would be nice to be popular, but I don't have the personality for lots of shallow relationships. One of my boyfriends hung with the popular, so that was fun when we went out as a group. Regardless, high school stinks, in my opinion. I'm glad to be past that insecure time.

  14. You know I totally love that you posted Popular from Wicked!


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