Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Witch Eyes Book Review

Witch Eyes
Braden is a witch. He has been living with his uncle , and moving many times. He has been home schooled and taught about magic because of his eyes. When has has a vision of his uncle getting hurt, he rushes to Belle Dam. He doesn't know what to expect and from there the adventure begins.

While there he finally meets his father, and learns more about the family feud. He also makes friends with Trey and Jade. They both happen to part of the feuding family. Braden has an attraction to Trey.

Braden solves part of the mystery surrounding the town. He also wants to learn more about his mother. Braden with his witch eyes can solve any spell. He can sometimes see the big picture with his eyes.

Great story and loved the romance between Trey and Braden. Great debut , and can't wait to see what happens next with Braden, Trey and Jade. This was so different from other witch stories.

Book Review=B

This is my Book and from my BEA Pile and this is my Honest Review and thanks to Flux for another book.

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  1. Nice review. This is a book that I have had my eye on and your review makes it sound like a it would be something I would enjoy.

    Thanks for your review!


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