Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Calling Book review

When we last saw Maya and her friends were in the helicopter and they were leaving the island. This book starts back right where we left everyone. They are on the helicopter ,and then issues with the pilot and mayor come up while in flight. They kids all survive and more secrets are revealed while they are trying to stay alive .

Maya and Daniel are learning more about their friends, and even more about friendships. They want to get off the island and find their parents. Maya still is thinking about Rafe. There are many action and trying to survive on their own with  their powers.

This book did bring the same world as the Otherworld series , and made mention of the other YA series that she wrote.  This book was full of action, and mystery. I thought it to be a filler book til the last book in the series.

Best Line : Survive a forest fire, helicopter crash, and killer eels , only to slip on a rock.

This book comes out April 10

Book Review= C

Thanks to Harper teen for the book and this is my Honest Review


  1. I have the first in this series and am dying to read it. Just have to find the time now lol. Glad you enjoyed The Calling. I always say how sequels are tricky.

  2. I've really been wanting to read this series, I love her Women of the Other world books and want to see what she does with YA:) Sounds like there's a ton of action in this book, so I'm excited!

  3. I loved Darkest Powers, but I keep seeing middling reviews of this series, so I think I may wait until the third one is out until I start it. Thanks for the honest review, Julie!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  4. I haven't read the first one yet and I'm OK with filler books. I'm actually really looking forward to giving this series a try!


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