Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dead of Night Book Review

Cat Youngblood is still secretly seeing Jesse. She is looking for a new job. She is able to get a job in a book store during the Christmas Holiday season. Her life is changing.

She is still keeping secrets from her from her brothers Gray and Trick. They are also keeping secrets from her too. During this time a horse is close to giving birth and very sacad. There are also some girls that go missing from the town.

Great second story of the continuation of the youngblood family. I missed seeing Trick and Gray more than Cat. This place reminds me of my friend Karen and location. The family is slowly getting better with the truth.

Best Line: We are who we choose to be

Book Review: C

Thanks to Flux for the book and this is my Honest Review

This book comes out July 8


  1. I have not heard of this, but that is a great line. Thanks for sharing.



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