Tuesday, July 25, 2017

BookByte Review

Bookbyte website Review 

I have to take a math class for this coming semester. I wanted to make sure that Book Byte had it. In fact, they did and they even do rentals. I can if I choose to rent this book or buy it. Decisions Decisions. I have been an online student for the past 3 semesters at BYU Idaho. 
I have had buy books for my classes but many of them have been on the site. I had to buy a 
grammar book for one of my classes. I had to buy for this past semester Medical Terminology and a Nutrition book. 
The Nutrition book was current for the semester but I was able to read all the information regarding the different topics. 

 This is my cart with this book in the cart. It is at 101. 89 and sadly there are no rentals for this book. I would have to go 

Amazon to rent the book. I do think that their prices for the book are comparable to Amazon. I'm not too sure of who 
I would end up using. This is mainly a textbook selling and buying the site. It is comparable to Amazon. 


http://bookbyte.pxf.io/c/391955/361954/5344-- My link if you need to get books for school or for buying school books. 

Be sure to check it out.


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