Saturday, August 26, 2017

What's been happening here - BTS edition

 First day of school pictures 

 Spending time with cousins

 At girls camp on 4th level hike 

 my 1st year 

School has started back up over here. Oldest daughter is still looking for a job and she is Senior. Its been tough . Other than that she has been busy with school with link crew and yearbook. Son is a junior and has his permit. So he has been busy driving too. Middle school daughters are enjoying school and having fun. They both had fun at girls camp. Youngest daughter is elementary school and she has the teacher that I wanted her to have. :)

I'm now a Senior at BYU Idaho. I have about 5 quarters til I'm done. Yeah !! I changed my major to Public Health and very happy about this field . This summer we have been able to see family and just swim a lot. So hubby has been working hard at his job. I'm still working part time .

I read Nyxia and loved it. It was like a hunger Games in space.

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