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Local Author Interview with Robin Dejarnett

What kind of books do you read for fun ??

Cozy mysteries are probably what I have the most fun reading. They're quick and interesting, kind of like a literary episode of Murder She Wrote.

How did you get into writing ??
While I wasn't someone who started writing stories when I was a teenager, I've been writing in some form or another my whole life--I just didn't realize it. Even though I pursued a science-based career, I always enjoyed the writing side, whether it was status reports, project specs, or eventually training manuals. I see now that I injected a little creative writing into all of those.

WhirlwindIt wasn't until after I had my kids and managed to find enough time to come back to recreational reading that I got serious about creative writing though. Reading good writing was the catalyst for me to try my hand at my own stories.

What inspired you do a book ??
I never intended to write a book, actually. Whirlwind was supposed to be just that--one whirlwind of a steamy chapter. My writing to that point had been much more YA, and a friend challenged me to write something adult (aka sexy). I'd read a few spicier stories, and blushed through all the intimate scenes, but I thought I'd give it a try. What I found was I couldn't just write a bedroom scene. I needed to know why the couple was there, what brought them together, how long they'd known each short I needed the romance part of the relationship. It took me almost seven chapters to make to the scene in question, and by then I knew Jason and Melissa so well that the rest of the story just wrote itself. Poof, I had a book.

Believe it or not, I still blush reading the sex scenes in Whirlwind!

Do you have another job besides writing ??
One that provides me a paycheck? No. But as the mother of two teens and wife of a very busy husband, I definitely work. I volunteer at various schools a few hours a week and support both my kids' band habits with carpools and lessons and instrument schlepping.

I've been surprised at how much work being a published author is. The marketing side of publishing takes up a fair amount of time. But it's definitely much more fun than housework.

Chocolate or Vanilla ??
Definitely chocolate. Chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, chocolate malts, and of course, chocolate kisses.

Ereader or Book ??
That's not an "or" question in my book. Honestly, I'm kind of cheap, so I'll get the best price on a book I can. If I have coupons for Borders or Barnes & Noble, I'll pick up a paperback. Otherwise, I'll download the book to my kindle. I do love the kindle software - if I don't have my ereader with me, I can read my books on my phone. I'm currently reading a paperback, though.

Barnes & Noble or Indie book store ??
Borders, actually, more often or not. There are no indie bookstores nearby.

best experience with a fan ??

Having someone run up, catch my arm, and breathlessly say, "I read your book!" with a big smile on their face. Or having someone quote the story on twitter as they read...that's really cool.

Was it hard to get into the publishing world ??
Yes and no. I learned a lot going through the process of querying and getting rejected--and it was hard growing the thick skin that writers have to have if they put their work in the public arena. I edited and rewrote the story several times, improving it each time, based on feedback I got. But there are so many options for publishing now that finding the right spot for Whirlwind was just a matter of time. The hard part was not giving up until I found that niche.

What's on your night stand ??

My alarm clock, a pad of paper, and a pen (for midnight story ideas). I have a whole list of books to read, though. When I finish my current read I think I'll start JD Robb's In Death series.

Favorite color ??

What do you watch on TV ??
Not a lot. The off-season series, Leverage, is a family favorite, and I watch the news regularly. As I write this, I have a Journey concert on. I love Leverage too.

Writing and kids ? How do you do it
My kids are in jr. high and high school, so I have free time during the day. Even when they're home, I can work while they do homework or practice music. It's not hard.

What are you working on right now ??
The sequel to Whirlwind, tentatively titled Quicksand. Jason and Melissa's story isn't quite over yet.

Bloggers and books ?? Do they help with book buzz ??
Definitely! Social networking--be it facebook, twitter, or blogging--has taken over as the great communication medium. It's the equivalent of meeting your neighbor at the market and chatting--except that your neighbor is in the next state, next country or next continent. And their neighbors are listening over their shoulder (not in a creepy way, though 8-). I'll never stop being amazed by the friends I have all over the globe, and how fast word of a hot book can spread. And having someone say something about your book is just one more thing to tweet or post about.

Music playlists ?? whats on yours ??
I have a playlist for Whirlwind posted on my site ( and I have one for Quicksand started. I like a mix of pop and classic rock, and have a soft spot for 80's hair bands and the occasional power ballad.

Does being in California or Northern California affect the story ??
As a reader or writer? Whirlwind takes place along the California coast, and having lived here for thirty years, it was a natural setting for me to write about. As a reader, I hope that you don't have to live here to enjoy the story, but locals will recognize some little tidbits that others may not. Though some of the places are fictional in Whirlwind, they are based on real locations. If you're familiar with Central California, you'll recognize Santa Lucia as a fictional San Luis Obispo, for example, but whether you know exactly where it is or not, shouldn't affect the plot or romance (I hope!).

My Review

Thank you so much for being Robin. I loved your story and can't wait to read more stories for you. Its been so great to meet so many of my local authors.

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  1. Loved the book and excited to read the sequel! I don't blush at the love scenes...bring it! heehee Woudl love to see some of your YA sometime. Interesting!


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