Monday, October 17, 2011

Author Interview--Leigh Fallon

1. Do you have a favorite a Halloween memory?
When I was a teen, we used to have a slumber party every Halloween. One of my best friends birthday was that night. We used to have amazingly scary parties. We'd to go for these midnight walks in the spooky woods that surrounded her house. These woods contain The Hell Fire Club, a really spooky ruin that is supposedly haunted by the devil himself!

2. Do you prefer tricks or treats?

I've never been one for the tricks. Give me a chocky bar any day. LOL.
3. What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates! Nummy. Or any Irish chocolate.
I haven't tried Irish chocolate. Do you have any to spare ?? LOL

4.. Do you have any fears or phobias?

I am scared to death of Ouija boards. I had a horrible incident with one at one of the aforementioned Halloween parties!! Oh and I have a phobia with balloons. I know...I'm weird. I can't stand balloons. *shudder*

5. What is your favorite scary movie or book?

I loved The Sixth Sense. Brilliant and super spooky. Oh and Stephen King's IT. Freak out.

That's one of my fave movies too

6. What is your best, worst or funniest costume you've ever worn? (any
embarrassing pictures to see?)
Oh my gosh... I don't have a picture (thankfully) but I can tell you about it.
I dressed up one year as an angel riding an ostrich (Yeah don't ask!) So I wore a pair of black and yellow stripy tights and a big pair of monster slippers. Then I wore a big box held up with string. I covered this in strips of paper and it acted as the ostriches body. (There's more, bear with me) Then I made a long neck with a foil insert tubes and made a head with a beak and tied reins to it. I covered the whole thing in more paper. Then...I wore an angel costume and hung fake legs over the top of the box (stuffed flesh colored tights...gorgeous LOL) And way hay, you have an angel on ostrich back. I think there is a reason there are no photos of this particular costume!

7. It's the end of the world. Who would you prefer to battle against?
Witches, zombies, werewolves, vampires or ghosts?

Witches, definitely witches. Ghosts freak me out, and the others just want to chow down.

8. What paranormal creature would you want on your side during the battle?
More witches, preferably gorgeous ones. Not only are they awesome, but they sure can rock vintage look.

9. What is your favorite thing about Halloween and the fall season?

Cozy jumpers, empty beaches, bracing winds, excellent TV schedule, schools back, candles, pumpkin carving, and apple pies.
Oh so agree with you about TV , school and Television. 

10. Are you dressing up this year. Do you decorate and go all out for the

I will be dressing up. I dress up most years. I love doing spooky makeup. And I decorate the house. It's such fun, and I love the way the Americans go all out. The pumpkin carving is amazing. You guys have brought it to art form standards. Fantastic.

Thanks Leigh for being here and she has written the Debut book-- Carrier of the Mark



  1. What a fun interview girls. I would pay money to see a picture of that costume but I can understand why you would rather not have photographic

    Halloween is my favorite holiday so it makes me sad when I hear of people in other countries that don't celebrate it.

  2. Great Interview! I loved this book and I am anxiously waiting for the next one :)

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  4. Great interview!
    I like Halloween, but sadly I don´t dress up for that day since university.
    I haven´t read The Carrier of the Mark but is in my TBR.


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