Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One for the Murphy's Book Review

I gave this book to my daughter to read, but she only got a couple chapters in before she lost interest. I am hoping she gets into the next time.

Carly is a living as a foster child and living with the Murphy's while her mom is dealing with some issues. She is trying to fit with the family , and make some friends at school.

Carly wants to be loved and slowly starts figuring out what she wants in life. She also makes good friends with a classmate who loves the musical Wicked. She makes peace with the Murphy family and with her mom.

Very cute story about family and friends. This book also reminded me of my favorite song from the Wicked Soundtrack , and I think that Carly wants to do this with her life. There was also a good message about being a friend , and what lying can do both parties.

Best Line : Are you some sort of witch or something ? I'm through taking your garbage even if you do threaten to turn me into a toad.

Book Review= B

Thanks to the author and Penguin for the book and this is my Honest Review


  1. Anonymous22 May, 2012

    what a fun book, Ill add this to the list...;)

  2. I just have to say how much I LOVE "Defying Gravity." I can listen to that song on repeat all day long.

  3. I read the book "Wicked" and would love to see the broadway show.


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