Thursday, November 8, 2012

Principal for a Day

I got the chance to participate in my school district wide Principal for a day . I got to hang out with my middle schoolers. I learned alot and even got to be on the their closed news circuit and be interviewed.

I realized that they do Principals do a lot , and even more behind the scenes in running a middle school , compared with an elementary school. I got see my son at his classes and even lunch. I saw my daughter in action in 2 classes.

Then we went to have a lunch , and such  yummy  lunch  that  was made by high schoolers. It was a busy  day , and I learned alot.

You all know that I do all that I can to help and support my kids schools.


  1. What fun! I would love to try something like this some day.

  2. You are such an adorable family. That looks like it was a fun day!!

  3. What a great experience! Your children are beautiful too.


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