Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fan's being taken advantage of

I have long been a fan of Katie McGarry books and I enjoy her characters...but this latest attempt is not so nice. To read this fan favorite of Abby and Logan, I have to buy her other NEW book series and when this book comes out I can get both books. Well looking on amazon it varies from 11-14 dollars for an e book or book. Then Abby's book goes back in the vault .

I had bought Gayle Forman's Just one Night as a separate story for .99 because  i wanted to see how it ended. Why can't Harper/ Harlequin Teen do this for the fans. As a fan , this seems unfair and sleezy because I know that I wanted to see the Logan /Abby story . Heck I admit that I haven't read the latest Echo and Noah story because I couldn't handle the angst. But I would buy it :)

Seriously the fans should be treated better and let us have the option...because as it looks I would rather spend my money elsewhere for another book. I have wanted to read the Abby story since she was introduced. But having this be a lead up to the other book series is not the way to play this. I hope that this fails ..because the last time i bought a book was because my name was in the back of Alligant as a blogger.

Many of her fans are teens and not moms--but this promotion just seems not fair to the fans.

Have you had a promotion of book that just seemed wrong or have you waited because the publisher was doing something like this ?? Do you buy Novellas ??

What are your thoughts on this promotion ?? 


  1. I hadn't heard about this particular novella and the tie-in but I can see how you feel. I also think that novellas shouldn't be sold but should be used as a thank you for fans. Once in a while they are worth the money but most of the time I feel like they're too expensive for what they are and don't add much to the overall reading experience.
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

  2. As I understand it - Abby's book will be a full length book. I may be wrong about that though. If that makes any difference.

    I see where they are coming from. You are getting a free book so they feel like you are getting something free as a reward. But I don't think you should be forced to buy a different book - especially from an unrelated series - in order to get this. And then they throw it in the vault?? so people who have been waiting years for Abby's story have no alternative but to buy something they may not want?

    That seems unfair to fans of the original series.

    I think a better idea would have been an early release of Abby's story to fans who bought the new book or an extended sneak peak into Abby's book - but everyone is able to buy Abby & Logan's story at a later date.

    I get tired of these jump through hoops promos in general so I won't buy the book on principle.

    I'm cranky like that lol

    1. Yes I know abby book to full length ..and yes it does make a difference .

      Yes that's why I as fan is pissed because they aren't giving the fans an option to buy it separate .It has to be with this new series. Yes they are tossing it in the vault ..so I have been waiting for her story along with Logan's.

      Yes I too am tired of jumping through hoops :( But as a fan favorite ..giving them the option to buy it would make more sense ..not buy this new series and then get this book.

      Yes this made my cranky ..notice from my DM's


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