Thursday, March 26, 2015

mini reviews of some books

Jess is a party girl and has some issues at home. She does something stupid and her dad puts her to work at a homeless shelter. Flynn is a boy she met one night , and she ends up seeing him more at the shelter. They are attracted to each other. I loved the cast of characters and loved that Flynn is diverse. I would have loved to see him on the cover. They both have family issues that they are working through.

Book Review= C

April 7

Very moving story of a girl who works at a motel and wants to get out of town. Skylar mom's isn't always there for her. Josh is the brother a boy she dated. Josh is also back from a tour of duty. They are attracted to each other but slowly start as friends. I have realized that I will read anything by this author.

Book Review=  B
harper teen

Already out

Ella has broken up with Matt. He comes back to town and tries to recreate thier night of Yes. She is in contact with her other friends during the night. She hasn't really gotten over him, and him over her. During the night we see what happened that first night, and what they are doing tonight. Matt left things unsaid and lost friends.

I enjoyed this girls friendship and even the relationship that could be toxic but it's them. Seriously a great story about taking chances.

Book Review= B
Harper teen

June 7


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