Friday, February 12, 2010

THe HOST-- BWB review

Hi. My name is Wanderer and I live in Melanie. Melanie is the host. I have lived in 8 other worlds til now. We have taken over the world and now humans are in hiding.

I keep hearing Melanie and she just won't shut up. I also keep seeing these images of Uncle Jeb, Jamie, and Jared. Melanie hopes that they found Uncle Jeb and are safe and now she wants to find them.

I don't like my seeker , she is annoying. We decide to leave the city and try to find Uncle Jeb. We walk for days. We finally find the cabin.

They take us hostage and are very violent to us. They want to kill us. Jared and Kyle go off to get supplies ..we are finally able to help in the community and slowly making friends. I also tell stories of the places where I used to live . They have so many questions. They call me Wanda now.

Jared and Kyle come back are are quite upset. I go hide in the storage room with the Cheetos and feel like a prisoner again. Ian tries to find me . I can't lie at all.

I'm over thousands over years old but I'm also like a child too.

Kyle is tries to kill me but I save him. I found out that Walter is dying and asking for me. I'm there to help and help him deal with the pain. He sometimes calls me Gladdie( His wife who died already). There is a tribunal over Kyle and what he did to me. Kyle is able to stay.

There is soccer game and I keep score. Both Ian and Jared are both talking with me more often.

Jaime gets injured and I see the Doc cutting up my family and I need to mourn their loss for 3 days. Jaime has an infection and I lost Melanie. I ask Ian to kiss me and then nothing , so then he gets Jared to kiss me ..I have 2 different reactions when they kiss me. I'm finally able to hear Melanie again... I want to get some medicine to save Jaime infection.I hurt myself to save Jaime.

I start going on raids with kyle, Ian, Jared ..Its great to be helping out. I make a plan to give the information to Doc to transfer the hosts and what they need to transported safely. I want Melanie to have a chance to have her own body. Once Ian gets wind of the plan, he wants a tribunal over me and my choices. They vote to keep me here and around. Ian and I profess our love to each other. I'm finally put under. I woke up in a new body and its so very different from being in Melanie. I'm so happy that they decided to keep me around and I'm still with Ian.

We meet another band of people and they have someone else who has gone Native like me.

I have read this book about 4 times ...The first time it took me while to get into it. It didn't start to get good until the chapter 13. When I first read this book...I thought that this book took away from Breaking Dawn. I have since read it and I like it better than Twilight.

This book doesn't have much action but there is alot of internal struggles with Melanie and Wanda. I did enjoy their conversations. This book was much more Violent in nature because of what they did to Wanda when she first got the camp in someone body. Who are the Monsters ? or the Aliens.

I liked this book because it showed many types of love : Between brothers, family members, people coming together for a cause, romantic , even love between Melanie/Wanda. The ending was okay but it was the easy way out and wanda reminded me alot like Bella --self sacrificing her self.

Yes I would her next book to see what happens with this series-- If it ever comes out.

Book Review = 4


I have bought this book and this is my Honest review

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  1. no offence but this book sounds as boring and whingy as the first time i tried to force myself through it...i didnt succeed

    im glad you liked it though


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