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Team Tris Battle again ( Sweet 16) Battle #2

Hello This is Julie from My 5 Monkeys , and also know on Twitter as @aprilmom00..and I am Tris advocate. 

Divergent is the debut novel of Veronica Roth , and her next book Insurgent will be out next April. 

About her

Well I found Tris  to be a strong female character. She is petite, has blonde hair and bites her nails. She has always grown up in the Abnegation Faction and has  lived with her family. She has turned 16 years old and learned that she is Divergent. She gets to make a choice of where she wants to live. She choose Dauntless.

Best Attributes

from cafepress-divergent nation site
She has compassion, and she stands up to her fellow initiates when they are being bullied .She is brave and smart, and has fire in her to never give up through all the trials in the Dauntless Faction.

What makes her a heroine

She is Brave and Smart and also in control of her emotions . She is also underestimated because of her size. She also faces her fears head on . She is a true heroine . She doesn't have any special abilities but she is different from others.

I think that Beatrice Prior is a True Heroine because she shows compassion and selflessness , and bravery in front of her Faction when the time calls for it. 

I decided to ask other bloggers why they liked Tris and here are their opinions 

What I loved about Tris is her fierce determination.  While she was naive, in the sense that she hadn't been exposed to things, she didn't let that scare her.  She thrived on tackling her fears, on pushing herself, on doing better, and accomplishing more.  And when she saw someone who was afraid, she didn't look down on them, she defended them, sometimes at the risk to her own life.  She never conformed to the patterns of the world she was faced with, she questioned why things were the way they were, and what she could do to make things better.  -- Andy ( Reading Teen) 

I  love that Tris doesn't sugar coat things, when she's feeling a certain way, she doesn't sensor her feelings. If she hates someone, she wants to beat 'em to death kinda thing. Ha! That sounds bad, but it's refreshing! 

I like that she's a fighter in every sense of the word. She fights for what she wants, what she believes in, and who she loves. She's tough. And we never really see her break down, even after her parents die. ( i think she cries once...i'm not sure.) A lot of people i know said it made her seem heartless, but through-out the whole book Tris is anything but. She puts her heart into EVERYTHING. And after her parents die, she keeps going, she keeps fighting even though she's at her lowest point. If she didn't have heart, she wouldn't care about making things right in all of the Fractions. 

Another thing i really like about her is that she tries. Even if she's scared shitless (jumping off the building for Dauntless initiation) she still does it. Even if she doesn't know how to do something (fight, climb a ferris wheel, use a knife) she tries. And she doesn't let her fears control her or hold her back FROM trying.  

I also love her tattoos! Seriously, after i read the book i really wanted to go out and get some! (LOL! Sorry just had to add that!) Brooke from Brooke Reports 

Thanks you friends for your support and why you love Tris 

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  1. Interesting character description. Definitely makes me want to read Divergent. It's sitting on my shelf so I really should.

  2. YEAH TRIS!!! Love her:) I liked that she was strong and capable without being exceedingly so, and we could admire those qualities while still knowing she had some vulnerabilities and weaknesses like the rest of us:)

  3. Hi! just found your blog at goodreads and glad I did :)

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