Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life is But a Dream Book Review

Sabrina has some issues with reality. She is a wellness center and getting better slowly, when she meets Alec. She sees the world differently from regular people and needs some medication . Alec has some issues and he is there in the wellness center to get some help.

Sabrina goes over so many memories and we do understand why she is there, and what she is getting medicated for . We see many memories of her friends, and her parents and how they helped or didn't help. We also see someone else she has had a crush on too.

 She makes a connection with Alec and does some bad stuff , but does face the consequences for them it. Sabrina still wants to be creative but not lose that feeling.

This was a different book , and I wanted to try to understand those that have mental issues. I also thought that this cover was pretty too. I wanted to understand Sabrina's drive and how she saw the world.

Book Review=C

Thanks to Feiwel and Friends for letting me read this book and this is my Honest review


  1. That is a really beautiful cover! The title is nice too.

    1. Yes it was nice and beautiful cover.


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