Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why we Broke up and The Lost Daughter Reviews

This is the story of a break up and all the special items that were near and dear to her. It was interesting to see all the ways that they could have broken up over. There were some movies mentioned that I had no idea about , and I couldn't relate to it. Granted I loved movies , and I did have some break up while I was teenager.

Book Review= C

Thanks to Little Brown for the book and this is my Honest Review

This is another story of a couple who are having issues. She is keeping a secret from her husband and when an old flame comes to town. He brings up all those memories. She wants to have a future with her husband , but this secret threatens to tear them apart. She wants to do what is right. This was an adult book and alot of sex happened. Everyone is dealing with issues...

This did remind me of another book that I had read but there were some differences

Book Review=C

Thanks to Penguin for the book and this is my Honest review


  1. I hate when books talk about pop culture and I don't understand the references!

  2. OH farts!!!! I just ordered The Lost Daughter.....I hope it gets a better grade from me....:D


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