Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mr. Darcy Forever Book Review

This is the last book of the series of the Austen addicts.  This is tale of two sisters Mia and Sarah who were close but now estranged. Since a sister weekend at Bath , and Alex comes between them.

They both comes to Bath for the Jane Austen Festival. They aren't looking for each other, but miss each other. One sister has secret , and another is quick to love. This book had many parallels to Sense and Sensibility's.
There were many shouts outs to the previous books characters, and many mentioning of the many versions of Mr. Darcy from the BBC ( Colin Firth to Kira film)

Do the girls find love? Do they mend their relationship ? It was a cute story of sisters and Jane Austen.

Book Review=C
This book is already out

Thanks to Source books for the Book and this is my Honest Review

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