Friday, April 13, 2012

Social Suicide Book Review

Hartley is working on the online newspaper with Chase when a scandal breaks out about a cheating scandal and homecoming nominee gets kicked off. Hartley Featherstone is on the case about the cheating when she comes to the house of Sydney and finds her body dead. Death by Twittercide .

Hartley runs in again to Detective Raley , and he doesn't believe her that it was a murder. Her mother also is starting to get out and start dating. Hartley isn't ready for her mom to start that yet.

Hartley and Chase have been hanging out a bit more and Chase has been asking out her out on dates, but there have also been some mixed signals about what is a date. She is another Nancy Drew and love that she has friends , and dealing with school issues .

For being a second in a series , this book was just as good as the first book and even moved the relationships along of Hartley and Chase. This book was just as fun, and even more cute as the first book. As a bay area person who grew up in the area, I could totally picture the mall, and Oak Meadow Park. I have been to those places many times and have fond memories of the bay area. My 20 year Reunion from my High school is this year.

Best Line : I am not sure that " Facebook" is a verb.

The sun does not rise and set on having a boyfriend. Those of us without boyfriends can get along just fine.

This book comes out April 24
Book Review =B

Thanks to Harperteen for the book and this my Honest review


  1. Glad you enjoyed this one too Julie! Hartley is just so adorable, I love her. I'm hoping we get more Chase in the next one, I'm ready for a little more romance between them:)

  2. I just finished Social Suicide last night. I love this series. Hartley and Chase are great and I'm dying for them to be a real couple. Sam is the funniest! Glad you enjoyed this, Julie!

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