Friday, April 20, 2012

Purity Book Review

Shelby makes 3 promises to her mom before she dies. They are Listen to her father , Love as much as possible, and live without restraint. 

Her father is on the committee for a princess ball but this ball also symbolizes purity and all that goes with it. She decides that she wants to find a loophole . She comes up with a plan to lose her virginity.

This was also the story of a father and daughter relationship . This was a cute story and all of this miscommunication would have been avoided if they just talked with each other. Shelby realizes things about herself and those that she loves.

This book walked the fine line of being a christian book and a realistic   in my mind and there mention of sex since this be a purity ball. I found it interesting that they have a pastor and her father is on many committees  in town or on the church it seems but the family didn't seem very much like church going people. But then we are only seeing this family during the 35 days that this story is being told.

With that said I find nothing wrong with believing in God  and remaing pure til marriage. There are those kids out there that believe in that too, and nothing wrong it. I also know that teens are going to want to experiment.

But I found that in this book Shelby had 35 days in which to change her life.

Best Line: With someone I love, I guess. I never thought I'd do the whole wait-til-marriage thing, but I think I wanted it to be with someone I cared about.

Book Review= C

This book comes out April 24

Thanks to Little Brown for the book and this is my Honest review


  1. I'll be reading this one soon. We can compare and discuss :-)

  2. It is ironic that a lot of books dealing with religion feature characters that don't seem that religious. I wonder if it's because authors are afraid of offending people.


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