Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Forgotten & The Marriage Mistake Book Review

Emma mother has passed away , and her final gift to her is a trip to Africa. She is presumed dead , and trying to find her way back to home. She has been away for 6 months, and when she arrives at her place she finds that someone is already living there. She is slowly ready to get back to work and do her job as a lawyer. She finds a new love, and solves a mystery at her job. She deals with the past , and in the end helps someone dear to her. Cute romance , and very predictable but I enjoyed it. Dominic made me swoon .

Book Review= C

Thanks to William Morrow and this is my Honest Review

This book is already out.

Carina has been in love with Max since forever. Max is Michael's best friend and business partner. He was in book two. Carina and Max has some sparks when ever they get together. . She is being trained with him to know the business. She would love do something else. She and Max have to go to Vegas for business and end up getting married. He thinks that the marriage is a mistake, but they both finally have revelations of their love to each other. Family is a big thing in this series. I loved that the spell book was brought up in each book, and hope to see the other sister find some romance. Max is the bad boy , with a heart of gold, and he is very dutiful to family. There was even a mention of 50 shades of Grey. Max was the quite the romantic.

Book Review= C

Thanks to Gallery for the book and this is my Honest Review

This book comes out Nov 6

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  1. I think I'll be reading The Marriage Mistake soon. Sometimes these arranged marriage tropes make my eyes roll but I do love the idea of them already knowing each other.


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