Tuesday, October 23, 2012

When Snow Falls Book Review

Cheyenne has been in love with Joe for the past 14 years. Her best friend Eve is going on a cruise and she will be with out her friends for a while. She is caring for her mother along with the help of her sister Presley.

Dylan Amos and his brothers are from the wrong side of the tracks and her neighbor. Dylan makes a proposition to Cheyenne and she take him up on it. There is some hesitance to their relationship because this is all new to her. She struggles to find a balance with issues and with him. Slowly her perception  of him changes.

We see her friends point of views of Joe , and Eve. Joe is Gail brother and looking for love. He does go on a date with Eve , but there isn't any attraction as there is with Cheyenne. She is very loyal to her friendships.  Also there is mention of Baxter and Noah who might be interested in each other, but won't know until the next book. This is the second book in the series.

There was so misdirection because I thought it was going to be about Cheyenne and Joe, nothing about Dylan. I love that this book takes place in the local area. I can totally picture this town and all the busy bodies. I didn't like the fade to black love scenes. Also the cover model for the guy isn't who I pictured again. This guy doesn't look tough or tattooed up. I do love seeing the relationship of the both families . I can't wait to see Eve's story in the next book.

Best Line: Maybe I've been watching you a little closer than anyone else.

Book Review= B

Thanks to Harlequin for the book and this is My Honest Review
This book comes out Today

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  1. This looks so super cute!! Im getting ready to dive into winter reads here soon...:)


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