Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Love Water Memory Book Review

Lucie  is getting married  and also turning 40 years old. She has a huge fight with her fiance Grady. She was uptight, and healthy, and craved order in her life. She is found in San Francisco  and no memory of her life.

Lucie  is changed through the amnesia . She doesn't remember much of her life. She starts to open up to neighbors, family , and Grady. She starts being a detective with her life in seattle and with Grady.

Grady has to deal with some issues and with her being changed. Grady loves to swim, and water comes up alot. He also comes from a big family, and she wants to know about them.
Memory also comes up though out the book because she is trying to remember her life, and she also has memories of being with Grady.

I loved all those little moments that she finds again.

Book Review= B

This book comes out April 13

Thanks to Gallery Books for the book and this is my Honest review

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  1. I love that watercolory cover! I hadn't even heard of this book until now, so thanks for the heads up, Julie. Sounds like a good adult contemporary read.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden


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