Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mixed Bag of Reviews --Icons, Fault Line, Big Girl Panties

 I read about 20% into this book but didn't connect with anyone. I found the information about icons interesting. But it wasn't enough for to want to see what would happen.
Did Not Finish

Its already out
 Ben is a jerk, and meets Ani in the 7-11 parking lot. He is really big into sports , and hanging out with his friends. Ani is a artist , and speaks her mind. They have already been sexually active for a while. Ani goes to a party is raped. Ben doesn't how to help his girlfriend. They both see a councilor number to talk about it.
Ben wants to help heal her , but Ani already feels like a whore so she is acting out. This book ends on weird note and none of the characters seem to change much.

Book Review= F

Comes out Nov 12
Holly is a widow and has put on the weight. She is sitting next to Logan who is trainer.He helps her during the flight to just talk. He offers to train her.

During the couple months, there is tension and they are both good friends to each other. Logan wants to turn holly from an ugly duck into a swan. Once she loses some weight , and gets a make over from his married couple friends who are into spanking. Logan & Holly start changing their relationship from friends into more.

I didn't feel any heat during those sex scenes , and Logan wanted to help Holly lose that last little bit of weight. OMG i felt that he didn't really love her if all he cared about was the weight. I found the other couple to be a distraction from the story. I usually love chick lit romances , but I didn't Logan as much . He seemed very superficial , and the fact he didn't really want to take Holly out in public spoke volumes to me.

Book Review= D

Thanks to Simon Pulse, Little Brown, and William Morrow and these are my Honest Review


  1. Whoa, sorry about your run of bad luck with books, Julie! I wasn't a huge fan of Beautiful Creatures so I figured Icons wasn't for me...and I know Tonya disliked it, too.

    Hope your next read is better!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  2. Sorry these didn't work out for you. Hoping you find a book you do love in your TBR pile very soon.

  3. I practically sputtered when you wrote his married couple friends were into spanking! lol. These books don't sound like I would really enjoy them either.


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