Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Not a Drop to Drink & Twinmaker Book Reviews

Not a Drop to Drink
KT Books
stand alone
Sept 24

Lynn and her mom are in a post survival  world trying to defend their pond. They don't have many friends in the country. She is trying to survive in a world that pays for water.  There is a neighbor who helps her out, and also with sharing of supplies. Many secrets are revealed, and learns more about her mom and dad.
Lynn starts opening up her heart and caring for others. This book had a realistic ending and very light on the romance.

The book was slow but once new characters were introduced it moved quicker. This world could become like this one.

Book Review = B

Balzer & Bray
stand alone
Nov 5

Libby and Clair are best friends in the future, and going to school in Northern California. They are all connected to many media ( online). Libby wants to become beautiful, and she got a email to improve herself. Libby is dating Zep , but he has kissed Clair.

They travel through these tunnels or jumps all over the world. Clair realizes that Libby is different and it may be a virus. Clair asks Jesse for some help because he is stainer or old school. Clair also gets some help from q.

She doesn't know who to trust and meets others of the WHOLE movement.She finds out that there are many secrets , and she becomes the face of the movement  ie. Katniss. This book was full of action, and many thought provoking ideas from being plugged in, beauty, and traveling by transport. This book took place in Northern California , and also the whole world. I didn't like the cheating at all, and a very big turn off. I did love how Clair changed and improved herself.

This book did have me guessing  who was behind the movements. I did enjoy the friendship between q & Clair.

Book Review= C+

Thanks so much to Harper teen and this is my Honest Review on both books


  1. I liked Not a Drop, but wasn't as crazy about it as some of my friends have been. The ending was good (and unexpected), though.

    Disappointing about Twinmaker, it sounded so good!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  2. Awesome reviews, hon! I also liked NOT A DROP TO DRINK, but it took me a while to get into it. I liked all the water advice and whatnot. If something like that happened, I'm feeling pretty good I'll know what to do, lol.


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