Saturday, May 3, 2014

Torn away

Torn away
net Galley
Little Brown
stand alone
for Review
May 6

Jersey lives in a small town in Missouri  that has tornados. She is best friends with Janie and Dani. Ronnie is her step father, and she doesn't really call him dad. Jersey was in the home when the tornado destroyed the area. Kolby is her neighbor who helps her out. Jersey is tossed to and fro like a tornado , and meets her family who she doesn't know at all. She is missing her sister Marin. While being tossed to the different homes, she learns something about her mom, and also about her family.

This book was good, and I loved that Jersey is dealing with grief and family. Jersey is torn away from everyone that means something to her. I loved the little conversations with Kolby. This book was very light on romance, and this book did touch on religion, but it wasn't the main focus.

Book Review= B+

Thanks so much to Little Brown and this is my Honest Review


  1. Sounds good. I haven't really heard much about this before your review.

  2. I hadn't heard of this one either. Totally sounds a touch sad but heartwarming


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