Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CA Capital Book Festival Review

It was so awesome to work and meet some local authors. I had got there early to Volunteer. I also did take look at the floor before I did my " Job".  I was there for long time not doing a thing, and there were many other people doing the job.
I was able to sit in a panel , and I did listen to Brenda Novak.  It was great to get her thoughts on the Kathleen Hale situation. I also found that she reads her bad  reviews...I guess she has read my past reviews of her series and my thoughts of it going down hill.
I know that this was the FIRST one ever , and alot of kinks need to be worked out. I enjoyed myself and I loved meeting other book lovers. I would have liked to have stayed the whole day but we had something else on the agenda.

This was a first ever book Festival and overall it was fun and good. I enjoyed being able to meet authors . I did also into a writing panel , and that was interesting too. I like the shirt I got for working the event. I did see lots of other author's but I didn't get pictures with them. 
Brenda Novak speaking 
Myself and Brenda 
The only book I got from the book Festival -after Brenda's chat 
Where I hung out and directed volunteer's and Authors 


  1. I love bookish events. Even when they are horribly disorganized and chaotic they're fun lol It's wonderful being surrounded by your people!

  2. Way to sneak away from your volunteer duty to catch a few panels, Julie! I would have done the same thing. LOL Thanks so much for sharing, it sounds like that event was a real hoot. And, again... JEALOUS!!! Send some of these authors my way next time, would ya?? ;)

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads.


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