Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This Heart of mine & proof of Forever

Phoenix is out of prison and back in whiskey creek living near her mom. Riley is apprehensive to see her with Jacob. omg best slow burn get together of this group. so many missed connections and Phoenix is very concerned about Jacob and making up for lost time. we do see the gang through the book, but the only main one is Kyle. the others are sporadic til a certain trip. this book was so much better than the others ones, and glad Lincoln ( rex) could be helpful :) I loved eve in this book.

I so wish that the other books previously were just as good. maybe because we don't see Presley or chey very much in the book. no resolution on the baby drama . I did love that this book was more about Riley and Phoenix. I can't wait to read Kyle story...what no Joe's book. :( on a side note I loved reading about the local town's and high schools playing baseball , so I could relate. I think that this brings the series back and I guess I am not breaking up with it. Thanks Riley and brought a reader back. There was the right friend interaction and phoenix had a tough time getting back to normal life after being in prison. 

Book Review = B 
March 31 
book #8 in series
local author

4 friends who end up losing touch --come meet up for a camp reunion and they are all dealing with their issues. I loved the different point of views and what happens during the camp changes them .

Book Review= B

June 2
stand alone


  1. I'm dying to read PROOF OF FOREVER! So glad you liked it!

  2. Heuh. I wouldn't have expected Novak's series to pick up speed at book 8. That's super unusual, but obviously very welcome for long time fans.


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