Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mini reviews- Dumplin, What we saw, Uprooted , Invasion of the Tearling, Dreamland

The feelings and best book I have read so far. I loved slight romance and the girls friendship with the other outcasts and doing a pageant. She grows up during this book and has even more confidence.

Sept 15
Book Review= A
There is a party and Kate gets a ride home from Ben, who happens to have had a crush on her . She is also pretty drunk and she left the party early. This is the after math of a rape of someone she knows and the video from the party. I loved the Geology references and how there was good discussion about consent and dress & alcohol. I loved that Kate had issues and even discussed this with her brother about slut shaming girls. Seriously this book was amazing. It was a small town so this also brings up the football team members & girl involved and their reactions to school & town. Amazing book

Sept 22
Book Review = B+
OMG this book had a strong female who didn't always fit in and got dirty. She was picked by the dragon, and when danger happens to her town. She does all that she can. I even adored the girls friendship and there was some romance. This book lived up to the hype and easily my favorite book of 2015. I will recommend this book and I could see the Beauty/Beast aspect :) This is one book to reread again. 

Del Ray 
May 19
Book Review= A
um nope. present day mixed in with keslea world. issues with red queen. hardly any fetch in book. more history of how this new world came to be. but there seemed to issues brought up ie beauty, cutting, pregnancy , utopia, socialism, books. I also didn't like her-- she has changed so much over this book and this isn't all of it. She gets pretty. UGH I wished that I liked it more or even her at all. I am done with this series. 

June 9
Book Review= D
loved this romance and Dallas finding his way in the music world. 2nd chance love with someone.

William Morrow
June 16
book Review= B
wow this book was crazy good. I loved her friends and sorta reminded me of inception with dreams. Seriously good :)

Sept 22
Book Review= B

Thanks to the publishers and these are my honest Reviews 


  1. Dumplin' sounds cute! I'm glad you liked What We Saw, but I'm not sure if it's the right book for me.

    1. I wasn't too sure about what we saw-- but it was amazing :)


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