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Book Reviews- Hold Me like a Breath, Black Iris, The Devil you know , Every Last word, All for you

Penelope receives transfusions and very delicate. She has had a crush on gabe for the longest time. Carter is her brother and in the family business. They are both part of the body transplant Crime families. She finds out some of Carter secrets , and she also wants some real answers.
She is going to run away with Gabe , and she is dealing with the loss of her brother Carter and other family members.
She is on her own surviving , and starts experiencing life. She also meets and falls in love with someone.

This was a good story and it was the Princess and the Pea retelling . She does end up growing up but it took a while. I didn't like the insta romance. .

Book Review= B
May 15

I wanted to like this story and romance but this book seemed to be more about revenge and very hate filled. I do think that this book was different in that the narrator   talked to the reader. I did enjoy the romance between both people and at separate times. I just wished that I loved it more , but it was hate filled for me.

Book Review= C
April 28

 Sam is OCD and this year she wants to be different. She has been friends with the crazy eights since kindergarten. She is feeling on the outside , and no one knows about her OCD.
She meets Caroline who helps her break out of her shell. She joins a poetry  club and isn't welcomed at first. She also hurt AJ ( the guy in charge). She realizes what she has done to AJ and apologizes to him. She also starts writing poems which help with the OCD. Sam is also a swimmer  and this helps her out too.
Sam makes mistakes but she also talks to her therapist  who helps her. She also starts sliding away from her friends and making new ones and finds love. AJ asks her to be blunt & even explains about his songs.

This book was amazing and I learned about OCD and more about their thinking. I loved the romance aspect of this book and the many wonderful  poems through out this book.

Book Revew= B+
June 16

Cadia wells has been taking care of her family for the past 3 years since her mom's death. She goes to the camp ground with her friends. She meets Noah and Matt who are driving the states. She finds an attraction to Noah and they start kissing. She decides to go with them to their next place with Lindsay. She is also attracted to Matt too. Some of her friends end up getting hurt. She also goes to a psychic  who gives her a reading. . Many of these things end up coming to pass. Arcadia has to make some tough choices of who she trusts.

Wow what a fast moving book. Arcadia didn't always make the best choices during this book. I can see why she needed a break. I loved that this book had memories mixed through the story. I also loved the romance with one of the boys. This author has become an auto read for me.

Book Review= B
June 2

Celie is working as a chocalatier in Dom's kitchen. She has had a crush on Joss for the longest time. He goes off to fight with the Legionnaires for the past 5 years. He finds her and he wants to woo her , but she has changed. She is still heart broken over his leaving. Dom hasn't married Jaime yet but they do play an important role with these two.
Celie and Joss have communication issues , and he has plans for them. He wants to be the hero , but the princess has recued herself and they both end up saving each other.

I adore this new series and loved the romance between them. I wanted to smack Joss a couple of times just to make sure that he talked things out. I loved that they both changed.

Book Review= B
May 5


  1. Every Last Word sounds like a good one for me and of course, I loved Laura's book :-))

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  2. I LOVED Hold Me Like A Breath! So good! :)

    The Devil You Know sounds good!

  3. I was hoping that one of these would be As for you as I'm reading many of them. I've heard mixed things about Hold Me Like a Breath so I'm a bit nervous of that one.
    Jen at YA Romantics


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