Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hello I love you

St. Martins Press
Jun 9
stand alone
Book Review= B+

Grace is very far from home. She is also from a music family. She chooses to go to school in Korea. She gets a room mate named Sophie, and she doesn't get along with her brother Jason. Jason happens to part of a band and very famous.

Jason has a messed up family just like Grace. He is writing a song  and she helps him with it. She does has some music abilitiy but not playing a thing. Grace does keep in contact with her family through emails and texts.

Things slowly change for them over the course of the year. She slowly starts to fall in love with him. He is also tutoring her in Korean.

Very cute romance and I stayed up late finishing this one. I did get a Anna and the French kiss vibe from this book. I did enjoy the Kpop and Kdrama's through out this book. I even learned some Korean words too.


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