Tuesday, May 5, 2015

mini reviews -- undertow, between the notes, a sense of the infinite , the improbable theory of Ana & Zak, Encore to an empty room

Lyric has some secrets . She also lives near Coney Island where some Alpha's came up almost 3 years ago and they will be going to school with them. Bex is her best friend and she is having some family issues. Lyric helps her out along with Fathom who is the prince. Fathom becomes her friend, and they help each other out.

There is some romance and I loved seeing the family support. I do hope that there is another book in this series. I stayed up late reading this book , and it was so much better than I thought it would be.


May 5
This is the 2nd book in the series . Wow what a great 2nd book and no slump. I did enjoy this mystery and I can't wait to see how it ends. I loved that they are working on music and their relationship along with college choices. 

Book Review= B
Katherine Tegan 
April 16 
I enjoyed this book and I was able to get into this one. She loves the nature and loves to hike. She has a busy year with friends , and even with many relationships. This is a year of growth and change for her.

Book Review= B
Katherine Tegan
May 19 
Ana and Zak don't get along. Ana is uptight and very charmed life. But her home life isn't perfect and because of her sister's mistake , she can't do anything. Her brother is also on the quiz team. Zak doesn't want to be on the team, but he ends up making friends with ana's brother. Ana and Zak end up chasing her brother through out the night at a comic convention. During the night , their feelings change for one another and they end up getting into some trouble. This story happens over 1 day and night and I loved Ana was smart and she ended up loosening up , and Zak ended up having some goals.
Very cute book and fast read


Katherine Tegan
May 19

Ivy and family are downsizing to another area. She loves to play the piano. She also doesn't want her friends to know that she moved. She finds out that Lennie lives there too & they aren't getting along. She finds a hidden room with books and begins talking with someone. Her brother is also having some autism issues.
Things aren't what they seem , and I loved the growth that Ivy makes with her family, friends, and even Lennie. Cute romance and it did bring up some serious issues about food, being poor, getting food from a food bank, and even autism.

Book Review= B+
Harper Teen
June 16

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