Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Red Book Review

random House
Net Galley
Oct 8

Felicity has to get her hair dyed , and she is really a strawbie. Reds are the hierarchy in this town. You are someone because you have red hair, and that power. She lives in Starletville.

Felicity loves art and is dating the football player Brent. Gabby blackmails into doing things before the Starlet pageant. Her mom is also on the pageant committee, and she has never married. Felicity also has two twin brothers with red hair.

Felicity does all the things that Gabby asks her to do , and does realize that's it not all about hair color that matters. Felicity also finds a new love , and realizes what makes her happy. She finds her own voice & not a cookie cutter red head girl. She sorta makes friends with Gabby . This book wasn't about pageants , but so much more.

I think this book  is like a micros cam into media attention to movie stars. They make the big money , and also have a platform to speak their mind. Does this mean I think that they are the best or worthy or my time. No these are people who make choices, but I don't have to follow them.

Hair color shouldn't matter and its what's in the inside that matters

Book Review= B+

Thanks so much to Random House and this is my Honest Review

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  1. Sounds quirky. I remember I had reddish hair in elementary school and it was NOT a cool thing. It seems trendy now.


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