Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Julie Under the Covers :When Lighting strikes

Gail de Marco works at a PR firm in LA. She has been representing the Handsome Simon O' Neal. They get into a huge disagreement and both end up struggling.

So they do a fake marriage to help is image and help save her company. During this time, she takes Simon back to her hometown, and there love blossoms. There were two point of views during the story.

Gail and Simon both face their own battles and also fight them together. During their time in the small town, we meet her friends and family. This is a start of the series .

This book was what I needed. It was a fast read and loved the romance  between Gail and Simon. My only complaint with is guy on the cover. I expected someone like Gerard Butler or Michael Fassbender.

Best Line : Love is always a risk

Book Review= B/C

This book comes out in September

 This author is LOCAL to me and will be going to her book signing in September

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